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RBM produce all kinds of printed sales and marketing material. From a new brand logo on a suite of stationery to professionally produced brochures, leaflets, newsletters, advertisements and all kinds of display or information material. All of which can elevate a company's image and help to win new customers.


RBM supply exhibition material and equipment, branded promotional goods, vehicle livery, photography work. Put simply; anything that carries your company logo - RBM will sort it.



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Photography Branded Goods Wallets Vehicle Livery Brochures Leaflets Brand Identity Advertisiments
  • RBM Advertising & Print

    The Funny Farm
    39 Otter Close
    Winyates Green
    B98 0SJ
    Tel: 01527 500635
    email: info@rbmstudios.co.uk

  • What do we do?

    Design & Print
    Vehicle Livery
    Web Sites
    Branded Goods

  • James Randolph Adams -

  • “Advertising is the
    principal reason why
    the businessman
    has come to inherit
    the earth.”